Nine ball pool

nine ball pool

Spiele "9- Ball Poolbillard" und weitere Online-Games jetzt kostenlos online auf braucht man Können! - Versuch es gleich und spiel 9- Ball kostenlos auf Cooles Pool -Billard-Spiel. Billardprofis aufgepasst. Unsere Spiele. How to Play 9 Ball Pool. The simple rules and straightforward goal of 9- ball pool make it easy for new players to learn. More advanced pool players might enjoy.

Nine ball pool - participation

If it hits a different ball first, or if it doesn't hit any balls, the shot is a foul. Download the Flash Player now. Turniere Turnierergebnisse Gesamthistorie Statistik 1. If the player who breaks fails to make a legal break, the opponent can either demand a re-rack and become the breaker, or continue to play as if it had been an ordinary foul, depending upon the rules of the event. After the break regardless of its result , before the second shot of the game, the player at the table may call a " push out. However, once a push-out was called and executed, the incoming player had the right to shoot or give the inning back to the opponent. nine ball pool

Nine ball pool - diesem Grund

Durch die Nutzung dieser Website erklären Sie sich mit den Nutzungsbedingungen und der Datenschutzrichtlinie einverstanden. See also " European alterations ", below, for recent moves to change the breaking rules. Nine-ball sometimes written 9-ball is a contemporary form of pool pocket billiards , with historical beginnings rooted in the United States and traceable to the s. Wird beim Push Out eine Kugel gelocht, verbleibt sie in der Tasche und wird nicht wieder aufgebaut. Yet a third EPBF change, used on the Euro-Tour for several years, is the " three above the line " rule, a stringent requirement that in order for a break shot to be legal, at least three object balls must either be pocketed or come up-table and cross the head string. It's just the rules of the game, friend. See below for more info on fouls.


USA vs Europe [Team Match 1] ᴴᴰ Mosconi Cup 2016 9-ball All text shared under a Creative Commons License. If you're paying for the balls, save money by using higher numbered balls for subsequent games. For much of its history nine-ball rules allowed participants to " push out " multiple times during a game see " The push-out ", above, for the nine ball pool push-out rulesmeaning any player could call a "push-out", and then hit the cue ball to any area on the table without being penalized by normal foul rules, such as failure to contact the lowest-numbered ball on the table. The penalty for a foul is that the player's inning ends and the opponent comes to the table with ball in handable to place the cue ball anywhere on the table prior seal sushi shooting. Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page.



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